Why Go-Go® Travel Mobility Scooters?

Why Go-Go® Travel Mobility Scooters?

Pride Mobility® offers an array of travel scooters. No matter how you live your life, there is a Go-Go® Travel Mobility Scooter to meet your needs! Choose from foldable scooters, portable scooters, and electric scooters that easily disassemble. Discover why our Go-Go Travel Mobility Scooters make Pride Mobility Products the first name in mobility!

Feather-Touch Disassembly

It’s so easy to transport your Pride travel mobility motorized scooter! With convenient feather-touch disassembly, the Go Chair® electric scooter allows you to enjoy lightweight travel and greater independence.

Easy to Use

Pride’s Go-Go travel mobility line offers state-of-the-art controls that are a breeze to operate. The Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension electric scooter features a simple and intuitive console for effortless maneuvering.


Pride offer electric scooters that are built to last. Our Go-Go Travel Mobility scooters are subjected to extensive factory testing, engineered for long lasting durability.

Innovative Technology

Pride motorized scooters for travel mobility are equipped with the cutting-edge innovations that are truly creative and consumer-focused. The Jazzy® Zero Turn offers patented iTurn Technology™ to ensure the tightest turning radius.