Jazzy® Power Chairs

The Jazzy® Power Chair is more than an electric wheelchair.

The Jazzy® Power Chair offers a wide range of mobility solutions that are built for the real world. From easily portable power wheelchairs, to robust models with Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over varied terrain, there is a Jazzy Power Chair to suit anyone’s needs. With its superb construction, unparalleled maneuverability and ease of operation, it’s no wonder the Jazzy Power Chair is America’s #1 Power Chair!

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Jazzy Air 

The furure of mobility is here. View More

Jazzy Passport

Simply fold and travel with the Jazzy® Passport. View More

Jazzy 614 HD

Active-Trac ATX Suspension for an outstanding level of performance.  View More

Jazzy Elite HD

Two-motor, front-wheel drive technology and heavy-duty construction. View More

Jazzy Elite 14

The Jazzy® Elite 14 is designed for excellent indoor maneuverability and outstanding outdoor capability. View More

Jazzy 1450

Offers heavy-duty construction and performance. View More

Jazzy Select 6

incorporates sporty design and performance features for a truly unique ride experience. View More

Jazzy Select

Elite delivers high performance and maneuverability in a compact, stylish design for your active lifestyle. View More

Go Chair.

Get out there in style. View More

Jazzy 600 ES

features patented Mid-wheel 6® technology and Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for an extraordinary level of performance, maneuverability and the tightest turning radius in the Jazzy line. View More

Jazzy Sport 2

Offers extra stability combined with front-wheel drive and in-line motor technology for a compact and maneuverable package. View More

Jazzy ES Portable

Offers a combination of great style, comfort, performance and portability and disassembles into 5 convenient pieces for your active lifestyle. View More