The Goodwheel Foundation de México, A.C.

The Goodwheel Foundation de Mexico, A.C. is a non-profit that addresses disability issues and whose primary objective is to create awareness among all sectors of the local population at Mexico’s resort towns and cities thru education regarding the rights and needs of people with disabilities to provide our visitors the highest caliber service . The foundation also promotes Mexico as a ”visitor with a disability friendly destination” at international travel shows and disability specific expo’s. To better serve our visitors The Goodwheel Foundation de Mexico also assists hotels, resorts, restaurants and other businesses that wish to be compliant and to have the ability to offer their goods and services to the growing people with disability travel market. The foundation’s Inspected and Approved program allows the potential visitor to know in advance to travel what to expect and that the facility has been Inspected and Approved. Meximobility has partnered with The Goodwheel Foundation de Mexico, A.C. and is proud to display the Inspected and Approved seal.

 For more information visit. The Goodewheel foundation Site